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26 Pounds and Counting

Lost 22 pounds and 21.75 inches.**The Ronnie Felts Weight Loss Story “For the past 40 years, I gained about a pound a year,” says Mr. Felts, a 62-year-old avid golfer from South Carolina. “I’ve tried about every diet out there—protein diets, diet systems, cabbage soup diets, starvation diets, and I’ve been working out religiously for years. Either I couldn’t lose all the weight, or I’d gain it all right back. The amazing thing about the Vemma Bod•ē program is that I’m not petrified I’ll gain it all back.”
Mr. Felts started out weighing 208 pounds and has dropped the weight without the challenges he’s endured in the past.*† He’s not hungry, he eats a healthy, balanced diet, exercises, and he says he feels better than ever on the Vemma Bod•ē 12-Week Transformation Program. “I’m a young 62 — always have been, thanks to the Vemma formula. But you just can’t imagine how great it feels when people who haven’t seen you for a while — family, friends — come up to you and say, ‘What have you done? You look great!’”
Ronnie Felts started the Vemma Bod•ē program Monday, August 28, 2011. To date, he has lost 26 pounds, including 6 inches off his waist and another 16 inches off his legs and arms.* †
Lost 22 pounds and 21.75 inches.**Mr. Felts says he’s learned that his personal weaknesses throughout the years are foods like pizza, French fries, and fast food. “I’ve learned that I can eat it if I want, but I can’t do it every day. I got all crazy on Thanksgiving, but then the next day I went back on the program.”*†
The Vemma Bod•ē program has convinced Ronnie that you can’t exercise out what you eat. Exercise alone — which is what he’s tried in the past — will not keep you in shape if you’re not also addressing what you eat and developing some healthy habits.
Today, when Ronnie’s out golfing on one of the 4 golf courses he developed, he walks quicker and aims with more precision.* Even with a busy lifestyle as a Star Presidential Vemma Brand Partner, lots of family time, and golfing daily with friends, Ronnie finds it easy to follow the Bod•ē program. He says if you take the product, read the daily texts, and follow the plan, you’ll be successful. “It cuts down my appetite, and I don’t feel hungry.”* Try it, he says, “You might just be as surprised as I am.”
*Individual results vary. You may not do as well.
†To be used in conjunction with a healthy diet and daily exercise.

12 Days of Recruiting

12 Days of RecruitingYour recruiting efforts with your Vemma business will not only help create income for you — effective recruiting will also enrich the health and financial well-being of your team. Here are 12 tips that experienced Brand Partners share to help you succeed.
1. Recruit smart. Tell everyone about your business success, but don’t try to recruit everyone. Being somewhat selective will save you time, and promote a positive image of Vemma and your business.
2. Listen first. Before you launch into a long list of Vemma’s benefits and perks, listen first to what your prospects need. Maybe a luxury vacation is just what they’re interested in, or maybe the idea of working from home is most attractive. You can’t tell them everything you know about Vemma’s benefits in a 15-minute conversation at a cocktail party, but you can tell them how Vemma will meet their specific needs and help them achieve their dreams.
3. Be on the lookout for talent. Notice the good qualities of each prospective Brand Partner. Everyone has unique talents, and your job as a mentor and coach will be to bring out these qualities. If you meet someone who has the qualities you think would make an amazing Vemma Brand Partner, tell them!
4. Show your enthusiasm. At the outset, prospective recruits will follow your lead. Your objective is to get your recruits relaxed, make them interested in the company, and want to be a part of the action. Begin your presentation by talking for a few minutes or showing a brief Vemma video.
5. Make a good first impression. The first impression you make starts with physical appearance, whether prospective recruits are looking at your Brand Partner website or meeting with you in person. Using professional Vemma marketing materials instantly establishes your credibility, and arriving at an appointment in a Vemmer (a Vemma-branded BMW) will communicate your level of success more strongly than any words could convey.
6. Use your BMW as a recruiting tool. Qualify for Platinum Club and use your BMW when you drive to appointments and meet with prospective Brand Partners. Or, if you’re just starting out and Platinum is still ahead a bit, put a Vemma car window sticker on your current car to let people know about your business.
7. Give everyone a fair shot at Vemma. Although it’s a little easier to train new Brand Partners who already have strong leadership skills and love working with people, it is possible for everyone to experience enhanced health and prosperity through Vemma. If people are interested, give them the chance. You might discover that they have skills that will prove a boon to your organization.
8. Be brave! Bring up Vemma when you’re talking to potential prospects. If you wait for people to ask you about your business and about the opportunity, you’ll have limited opportunities. Remember what Ralph Waldo Emerson said about bravery: “A hero is no braver than an ordinary man, but he is brave five minutes longer.” You can do it. Fifty seconds, and the conversation is started.
9. Advertise visually. Wear Vemma-branded apparel, or wrap your iPad in a Vemma cover! By using sleek, Vemma branded promotional items, you will attract prospects and convey a professional image. (See and for styles and selection.)
10. Accept a “no” gracefully. If people aren’t interested in the opportunity, offer your business card, thank them for their time, and ask for referrals. This last step is a secret tip of many of the highest performing Brand Partners. If the prospect says no, don’t be afraid to ask for a referral. Maybe they know someone else who might be interested in the Vemma opportunity. These referrals can often be golden, so remember to ask.
11. Always be honest. Represent the business opportunity for what it is, and don’t exaggerate or make false claims. Exaggerating can make people skeptical. By being honest and up front about the business you’ll bring in the type of people who are willing to work hard to make this a success, rather than people looking for an easy buck.
12. Create a team atmosphere. From the first contact with prospective Brand Partners, talk about your team and their accomplishments and not just what one person has done. New Brand Partners are usually much more willing to build a business when they feel the support of a team, particularly if this is their first entrepreneurial experience. If your prospect is a people-person, working together in a team will be much more satisfying than going solo.
13. Train well. Expect to spend extra one-on-one time with each new Brand Partner in the beginning. You will build a great downline as you mentor and work closely with each new Brand Partner.
By following these recruiting tips, you will be expanding your organization and building your leadership skills at the same time. Recruiting can be exciting and invigorating, since every new Brand Partner can bring in unique skills and talents to your organization. Get recruiting on the right track, and get successful!

Believe 2012 Convention Awards Dinner

Believe 2012 Convention Awards DinnerHard work has its privileges. Brand Partners who rank advance will dine as shining stars! On Saturday March 3, 2012 we are hosting an exclusive dinner party for Brand Partners who have rank advanced to Gold or above since the 2011 Convention. Dine alongside the Vemma Elite! We’re pulling out all the stops so expect the unexpected. You will enjoy delectable cuisine that would make even the crème de la crème green with envy. So what are you waiting for? Register for Convention 2012 today, and then qualify for this special recognition experience! All you have to do is rank advance to Gold or above by February 23, 2012. To register for Vemma Believe! Convention 2012, click here.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Dr.Abraham, Vemma Malaysia Executive Manager

Dr.Abraham, Vemma Malaysia Executive Manager
Sedutan rakaman penerangan kehebatan VeMMA yang mantap dari pakar perubatan. Kongsikan dengan semua orang ! (klik foro untuk video)

Las Vegas 2012 kembali ... Temanya BELIVE

Las Vegas 2012 kembali ... Temanya BELIVE
Kami telah kesana, tahun ini kita bawa team dari malaysia lagi. Sesiapa yang ingin pergi, sila beri nama pada enroller anda. Kenapa anda perlu pergi ? Dari yg tiada rank, terus melonjak tinggi lepas pulang dari Vemma World COnvention ini. Tak percaya ? Jutawan ke-3 dulu hanya Executive, setelah pulang terus melonjak menjadi Presidential ! (click foto di atas utk video)

Leader VeMMA Perak Yang Berjaya

Leader VeMMA Perak Yang Berjaya
Walaupun Hassan jauh dari HQ, walaupun Aliza Ngah Rawi bermula dari zero, tetapi skrg mereka .....(saksikan video mereka dengan klik foto di atas)

Friday, December 16, 2011

Cheryl Baskins lost over 34 inches and 30 pounds on the Vemma Bod•ē plan.

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Cheryl Baskins
Vemma News   |   Back Office   12/14/2011
Cheryl Baskins
Boosting Health and Business

A perfect 10. That's a phrase you could use to describe Vemma Elite Brand Partner Cheryl Baskins. Especially since she went from a size 16 to a size 10 in just three months on the Bod•ē Program, Vemma's newest breakthrough products.*†
* Individual results may vary. You may not do as well. †To be used in conjunction with a healthy diet and 30 minutes of daily exercise.

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Race to the Riviera Maya

Believe 2012 Convention Awards Dinner
Believe 2012 Convention Awards Dinner

Dine alongside BK and the Vemma Elite! We're pulling out all the stops, so expect the unexpected. To attend this memorable recognition experience, qualify by rank advancing to Gold or above by February 23, 2012. Click Here to learn more about the Believe 2012 Convention.

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Platinum Club
Platinum Club Welcomes Matt Morrow

"Every time I walk in to my garage and look at those two BMWs we have qualified for I crack a smile. Not one, but TWO cars my daughter and I have earned in Vemma. All I can say is it is wonderful!" — Matt Morrow

12 Days of Recruiting
12 Days of Recruiting

Your recruiting efforts with your Vemma business will not only help create income for you — effective recruiting will also enrich the health and financial well-being of your team. Read More.
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Vemma's NEXT Helping Now Project
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Twitter Panel
@bkboreyko: I can't really tell you what we're doing, but stay tuned for a MAJOR Vemma Bod-e announcement. CLICK HERE
@vemma: Vemma donates $5k to Cleveland Clinic Educational Foundation, helping doctors learn abt alternative medicine CLICK HERE
@vemma: Good news for dieters who feel that counting calories has become a full-time job CLICK HERE
@vemma: Another full day of Vemma Bod-e shooting. Keep those guesses coming! CLICK HERE

12/15 - Greensboro, NC

12/15 - Phoenix, AZ

12/18 - Phoenix, AZ

01/14 - Orlando, FL

01/31 - San Diego, CA

03/01- Believe Convention

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Doing Good to Make Great Things Happen

For Vemma Founder and CEO BK Boreyko and his sisters, Karen and Lauren, the mission to make a positive difference in the lives of others is both a tribute to and a legacy left by their mother, Dottie Boreyko. This passion is shared by tens of thousands of Vemma Brand Partners around the world.
In support of this fundamental value, Vemma helps to improve the lives of children around the world through philanthropic projects that have a direct and significant impact on the health and wellness of the children they serve. Vemma works with deserving nonprofit organizations to help the world's children live healthier lives, one child at a time.
Vemma's NEXT Helping Now Project makes a real impact on children's health and wellness by providing vital nutrition to those who need it most. This one-for-one product donation program distributes a month's supply of Vemma NEXT™ — the company's premium liquid children's nutrition supplement — to a child in need for every month's supply purchased.
The Dottie Boreyko Foundation is a nonprofit organization founded to honor Dottie Boreyko's philosophy of putting children first, and her lifelong commitment to helping those in need. Funds raised support the Foundation's two key charitable organizations – Children's Miracle Network Hospitals® and HealthCorps® as well as other projects that improve the health and wellness of children around the world.
Children's Miracle Network Hospitals is a nonprofit organization working to save and improve the lives of children by raising funds for more than 170 children’s hospitals around the world. By donating a portion of proceeds from purchases of Vemma NEXT and collecting cash donations from Vemma Brand Partners and Home Office employees, Vemma and the Dottie Boreyko Foundation are helping to create miracles for children in need.
Founded by Dr. Mehmet Oz, HealthCorps® is a proactive health movement that is fighting child obesity through a unique in-school health mentoring program in high schools across the country. The organization's core mission is to empower teens and communities to become health agents of change and help the country reach the tipping point towards wellness now and for the future. Vemma partners with HealthCorps to educate high school students about how to live a healthier lifestyle, respect their bodies and open their minds to nutrition.

Our Values

  • We are inspired to make a positive difference in the lives of children.
  • We believe proper nutrition is vital to children's health and development and has a long-term impact on their quality of life.
  • We better our communities by helping to meet the needs of their children.
  • We honor Dottie Boreyko's legacy of service to those in need.
Vemma selected as a finalist Vemma selected as a finalist for Corporate Social Responsibility Program of the Year in the prestigious 2011 American Business Awards.